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the veeno franchise

If you dream of owning your own business, our Franchise opportunity is what you’re looking for. Our wine bars have a warm and inviting décor demonstrating what we mean by Authentic Italian, adaptable to any site they are developed in, making for considerable return on investments for our franchise partners.

This innovative franchise is one you won’t find a comparison with anywhere in the UK and can cater to your investment.  


  1. A low investment franchise with stunning potential for a swift return on investment;

  2. Simple operation with no chefs required;

  3. Veeno are BFA accredited, meaning we trade ethically and build sustainable businesses;

  4. Multi-site deals are available, as well as single site arrangements;

  5. Year-round marketing and social media representation to keep your customers aware of Veeno and its attributes; 

  6. A franchise agreement which also upholds the principles that the BFA is built on;

  7. Operational support of the highest quality at the set-up phase and ongoing;

  8. Experienced assistance with any funding requirements;

  9. Significant and thorough training and recruitment support;

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